Wardrobe Door Shutters

Imagine cool, crisp lines covering the whole window and complementing your chImagine turning an ordinary wardrobe into an exquisite design feature, with shutters that are as desirable as they are practical…

Wardrobe door shutters will do just that, effortlessly. Most wardrobes have solid panels that open outwards, limiting your space. But our shutters offer so much more flexibility. You can choose to either have fold-out doors, or install a smart track system and slide your doors partly or fully open without compromising space.

Your shutters can be made to measure any wardrobe and colour-match any high street paint, so they’ll instantly look as though they’d always been there. Best of all, you can open the louvres to ventilate your clothes while keeping the doors closed!


Key features:

  • Ideal for built-in wardrobes
  • Match a room’s existing style
  • Ventilate your clothes
  • Optional fixed louvres
  • Solid panels available
  • Great for rooms where standard wardrobes will not fit
  • Track system helps maximise space

Suitable for:

  • Bedrooms
  • Using space under stairs for storage
  • Alcoves

Track options for wardrobes

Unlike a shutter for windows, the primary function of wardrobe door shutters is not light control, but ventilation. Being purely designed for interiors, the louvres provide excellent air flow, keeping your clothes or belongings free from damp. If you don’t need to tilt the louvres, you can opt to have them fixed to the panels themselves.

Like all of our shutters, wardrobe doors are crafted to meet your requirements. If you need to have full access to your wardrobe, then the bi-fold track system allows you to fold the panels out of the way. A by-pass track slides the panels past each other, although this means there is always one panel width covered.

Wardrobe door shutters
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Wardrobe shutter doors are designed for both style and versatility

We know that no home is the same, which is why we only supply made-to-measure shutters, crafted with precision just for your space. This makes them an ideal choice for special shapes, such as required in places like loft conversions, where a standard rectangle cupboard simply won’t fit.

Depending which material you choose for your wardrobe shutter doors, there are different colour, shade and accessory options helping you achieve the look you’re after. Solid panels are also available, providing a perfect alternative to louvres for our wardrobe shutters.

Whether crafted in MDF or from our premium hardwood Sumatra range, ourshutters are known for their insulating properties. If you are looking to help keep your home warm in winter and cooler during the summer, reducing your bills, then look no further than plantation shutters.

Picture custom crafted wardrobe doors, matching the beautiful style of your window shutters, and keeping your clothes well ventilated. Contact us today and discover the options available with our wardrobe door shutters, made to measure your imagination.

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